Windows, drawing and events for Go
Go Objective-C C Makefile
Latest commit 72aa73b Apr 16, 2016 @sqweek sqweek cocoa: defer foregrounding process until Run
Instead of making the current process a foreground process during
initialisation, do it when Run is called. This prevents a process
from appearing in the Dock if it doesn't start the main loop.
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cocoa cocoa: defer foregrounding process until Run Apr 16, 2016
glfw3 glfw: add SetCursor stub Aug 17, 2015
wdetest cocoa: support gestures and mouse wheel events Jan 22, 2016
win win32: fix F6 keypress interpreted as F5 -_- Apr 9, 2016
xgb xgb: fix spurious key up/down events Feb 12, 2016
README cocoa: update README, add cookieo9 to AUTHORS Aug 17, 2015
keys.go keys: preserve left/right arrow in chord Aug 17, 2015
wde.go cursor: introduce SetCursor interface Aug 17, 2015



(W)indows, (d)rawing and (e)vents for Go.

Works on linux, windows, and os x with no setup beyond "go get".

(os x needs go 1.3 or newer)