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;pro metis_sens_param
; COMMON parameters to all modes and bands
;instrument parameters moved to metis_sen_img_param and
; file locations
atm_dir=def_dir+'atm/' ; location of atmospehric profiles
ee_dir=def_dir+'ee_files/' ; location of encircled energy tables
profiles_dir=def_dir+'profiles/' ; location of miscellaneous input data, mainly optical profiles e.g. throughputs, resolutions etc
;general constants
h=6.63d-34 ;Js
k_b=1.38d-23 ;J/K
c=3d8 ;m/s
;telescope parameters
prim_area=!dpi*(21)^2 ;telescope primary area
obs=9.2*prim_area/100 ;obscuration
eff_area=(prim_area-obs)*1e4 ;effective area in cm^2
mir_ref=0.98d ;mirror reflectivity
no_mir=5 ;no. telescope mirrors
;detector description - useful for output reference
lm_det='Teledyne Hawaii-II detector for LM-band, 18 um pitch, 2k x 2k px'
nq_det='Raytheon Aquarius detector for N band, 30 um pitch, 1k x 1k px'
; polarimetry: half-wave plate throughput
;detector parameters (per pixel!)
lm_rd_noise=20. ;read noise [e-/frame]
lm_dark=0.5 ;dark current [e-/s]
lm_well=6.5e4 ;well depth [e-]
nq_rd_noise=1d3 ;read noise [e-/frame]
nq_dark=2d3 ;dark current [e-/s]
nq_well=7d6 ;50% well depth (low gain) [e-]
lm_pix_size=0.0018d ; pixel size [cm]
pcg=1. ;photo-conductive gain
gdb=1. ;gain dispersion beta
qe_scale=0.7 ;QE scaling factor
emp_fac=sqrt(2) ;empirical factor
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