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= ec2nodefinder =

This is a rebundling from the Dukes of Erl's ec2nodefinder :

= License =
New BSD license ( as the original code is.

= Building =

You need ruby 1.8.6 or 1.8.7, OTP R12B5 and rake on the building machine.

Edit the config.rb file to match your installation.

Edit lib/ec2nodefinder/src/ with the appropriate parameters.

Of course you can set them later or pass them on the command line when starting the VM on your EC2 instance.

rake in the main directory will provide you with a tar.gz in the distribs/ folder

And if you provide your S3 credentials and a bucket name in config.rb, `rake upload` will send your release to S3.

= Running on EC2 =

I recommend Kevin Smith's AMIs :
They have everything bundled in. I expect this code to get into the AMI soon.

On each of your instances : 
On Ubuntu : 
# install erlang

#Upload your release to your ec2 instance(s) 
sudo erl -boot start_sasl -noshell -eval 'release_handler:unpack_release("<release_name>").' -s init stop

erl -boot start_sasl -sname server -ec2nodefinder access '"<AWS_ACCESS>"' secret '"<AWS_SECRET>"'
	-s inets -s crypto -setcookie 'XXXXXXXXXXX' -s ec2nodefinder

You can also pass credentials by setting the AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AMAZON_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variable

erl -boot start_sasl -sname server -s inets -s crypto -setcookie 'XXXXXXXXXXX' -s ec2nodefinder

(server@domU-XXXXXX.compute-1.internal)3> nodes().

All nodes in the same security group are discovered !

= Final notes =

- I want to use charpi's Rakefile ( It's very good but meant to reorganize the files 
- There's a bug in the 0.0.8 release, which prevented ec2nodefinder from working properly :
in ec2nodefindersrv.erl:143, there's one tl() missing. 
That caused ec2nodefinder to fetch the public DNS name instead of the private one.

- I also added the app.src file for easy configuration.

- You can quite easily reuse the build system. Add your OTP applications in lib/, they'll be built.

= Thanks =
To charpi for the Rakefile
To the dukes of erl for the code !

Eric Cestari
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