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Sign & send API requests to the Opscode Platform from Emacs!
Emacs Lisp
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Welcome to Opscode Emacs Request Signing


Opscode makes Chef, a systems management framework, available in several flavors: Chef Solo, Open Source Chef Server, and Hosted Chef.

The Open Source and Hosted flavors require strong (cryptographic) authentication to which Hosted Chef adds enterprise-grade authorization and role based access control.

In this repo, you’ll find all you need to create signed, secure API requests from Emacs and execute them against an Open Source Chef Server or Opscode Hosted Chef platform.



We call out from Emacs via gnutls-cli to create and manage the actual TLS connection to the server.


We call out to the openssl command line tool to perform the cryptographic digest of the request components


starttls is included in recent emacs. Sorry, I don’t know how far back. Try ‘M-x locate-library <RET> starttls <RET>’ to verify you’ve got it.


Requests are executed via ‘http-twiddle’ mode, originally written by Luke Gorrie.

#BEGIN_SRC elisp ;; Author: Luke Gorrie <> ;; Maintainer: Hasan Veldstra <> ;; Created: 1 Feb 2006 ;; Adapted-By: Hasan Veldstra ;; Adapted-By: Christopher Brown <> ;; Version: 1.0 ;; URL: ;; Keywords: HTTP, REST, SOAP #END_SRC

You’ll need my (skeptomai <>) patched version, which is available as a git submodule in this project repo. The actual cryptographic signing is done by the ‘opscode-sign.el’ code, included here.


After git cloning this repo, be sure to

#BEGIN_SRC $ git submodule init

$ git submodule update #END_SRC

Evaluating the files in the ‘config’ directory will configure both http-twiddle mode and opscode-sign. Load them as you do your other emacs config and make sure both http-twiddle.el and opscode-sign.el are in your emacs load path.

‘my-http-twiddle.el’ autoloads http-twiddle mode and associates it with the file extension “.http-twiddle”. More information can be found in the ‘http-twiddle.el’ file.

‘my-opscode-sign.el’ sets the variables required by opscode-sign. Pay particular attention to the userid and location of the userpem file.

Try it out


Version: 0.1

Keywords: elisp, RSA, openssl, signature, opscode, chef

Author: Christopher Brown (skeptomai) <>

Maintainer: Christopher Brown (skeptomai) <>

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