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Base code for games built in Java.
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A Base code for games built in Java.


Thanks for checking out this open source project for games built in Java! As part of this project, there will be a number of classes and interfaces with broad enough scope to create simple implementation into new Java games.

What's powerful about using a code base is really in the name, it is a base for everything you might need for your game. Whether it be calling sprites from a spritesheet, to easily creating animated objects without worrying about the full implementation of the classes, interfaces, and methods thereof.

Welcome again. We will be updating this ReadMe periodically with any updates and the dates of the changes.

Seth Kerr

Oak Dev Tech



As of the latest update on 04/14/2019 we have four separate folders including the newest: GameWindow.

We are currently testing against the current stable model but we need some help with features!

Under the issues tab you will find all new issues to add to this.

Updated by Seth Kerr

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