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# Library Replacer Plugin

Allows you to replace a library in a Sketch file by replacing symbols, layer and text styles from an existing library with those from a new library.
Quickly replace instances of shared Symbols and Styles by selecting the library that should be used instead.

This plugin is based on [Camilo](
- Replaces Symbols, Layer and Text Styles
- Supports local and Sketch Cloud Libraries

## Installation

@@ -19,4 +20,11 @@ This plugin is based on [Camilo](

## Usage

Open the Sketch file you want to replace the library and then go to _Plugins > Replace Library_. If the Sketch file references more than one library you will need to select the library you want to replace and the new library, otherwise you just select the new library.
1. Open the Sketch document with Symbols, Layer and Text Styles you want to replace
2. Choose _Plugins__Library Replacer_
3. If the Sketch document uses two or more libraries, select the Library for which you want to replace instances
4. Select the replacement Library

## Acknowledgements

This plugin is based on [Camilo](

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