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Pricing 💵

Right now Sketch2React is free

We do this for a couple of reasons:

  • It's more fun to just give things away for free during this phase
  • We get a chance to test things more freely without too many constraints
  • HTML export will ALWAYS be free as long as we can support it
  • As soon as we release React export their will be an Early Adopter Subscription Plan available

And now a few words about the FUTURE 🚀 ⚛️

We are working on an paid Early Adopter Subscription Plan that will give you the much requested React export module. No worries, the pricing will be very economic, we really want as many as possible to afford this. We understand you already are paying for Sketch and many other services.

That’s why HTML5 export will always be free and you pay zero dollares for the framework and our layout plugin. Again, we want as many as possible to be able to learn and use our design to code framework.

Why do this?

We will not be able to sustain development of Sketch2React without some kind of revenue, specially since we do have some costs attached to this. We’ll update you guys when a plan is in place.

In the mean time: Happy makings!