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@AurL AurL released this Jun 25, 2019

Sketchfab Plugin v1.1.0 for Cinema4D

Import glTF assets into Cinema4D R20 using Sketchfab download API

This is a BETA version so don't use it in sensitive or important projects

A Sketchfab account is required to be able to download models into Cinema4D (create an account)


How to Use


Download the attached zip file (Windows or OSX) and install it as a regular Cinema4D Plugin.

Copy the content of Sketchfab Plugin into the Cinema4D plugin directory:

  • Windows (default): C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R20\plugins
  • Mac OS X (default): /Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R20/plugins

If you cannot find it, you can also go to it from Edit -> Preferences and then by clicking on Open Preferences Folder at the bottom of the Preferences window. This will open the folder where you should find the plugins.

Once the Sketchfab plugin directory is copied in plugins, when restarting Cinema4D the plugin will be available in plugins menu.


If you have any issue at this step (plugin not available) please open the script console to check for loading errors Plugins -> Console -> Python

Browse and download models:

Open the Sketchfab Plugin from the plugin menu and click on Connect to Sketchfab and then use your Sketchfab credentials to log in.
Note: you don't need to be logged to use the search and browse Sketchfab models but it's required when downloading a model.


Use the search and click on a result to open the model page where you can get more info and also find the Download button, that you can click to import the selected model into your current C4D project.


The model is automatically added to the scene hierarchy.
Note: Sketchfab models can have any scale so the model might not be visible right after import. You might need to rescale it!


Known limits/issues and further improvements

Animation is not supported (some models might not look good)

Animation data is not yet imported so models might look bad because their objects transforms are not correct, or their pose is not the expected one. Animation import is planned and will come in a futureversion.

The model's materials look different in Cinema4D

There might be different reasons for this

Model has material using several UV layers

Mutli-UV models are not yet supported by this plugin, so models having these properties will look messed up.
This is something we will need to work on to see if it can be improved.

Sketchfab to Cinema4D material conversion

Cinema4D and Sketchfab (glTF) are both using PBR materials but using two different models (different channels and material properties).
The plugin does its best to make glTF PBR materials look the same but in some cases the result will vary.
If you see an important difference, please report the issue so that we can investigate and maybe find a way to import it better.

Vertex colors

Some models are using vertex colors, and this data is imported but not used by default. The reason is that vertex colors are exported for editing purpose but they are not always used for final render.
In order to make Cinema4D use this data for a model, you need to edit its material(s) and enable both the COLOR channel and the Vertex Color layer in Reflectance channel.
After this, vertex colors should be used for render.

Look for debugging info and report an issue

If you have any issue with the plugin, please have a look at the Python console for errors and report us the issue.
As mentioned above, the Python console can be found in Plugins -> Console -> Python.

You can then report the issue through the plugin Help -> Report an issue or using this link.

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