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[DEPRECATED] Miscellaneous experiments using Sketchfab api.
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animation-api Upgrades jQuery in animation-api experiment Jan 22, 2018
annotations-sync Upgrades jQuery in annotations-sync experiment Jan 22, 2018
ar Fixes transparency for some models Feb 20, 2018
article-scroll Adds article-scroll demo Jul 9, 2018
assets Updates header Dec 23, 2016
compare-models Replaces http resources by https Sep 11, 2017
configurator-studio Updates configurator studio Nov 21, 2018
configurator Updates configurator experiment Apr 10, 2018
custom-animation-controls [#WEB-7504] Adds GA snippet to all labs pages Apr 4, 2017
custom-annotations Adds custom-annotations experiment Mar 21, 2018
download-api Fixes path to Download API Web Importer Apr 16, 2018
facefab Adds FaceFab Apr 13, 2018
flipbook Updates Youtube video Mar 31, 2017
game Updates game Jun 9, 2017
gif-export Gif export v2 Jun 23, 2017
lg-g4-configurator Upgrades jQuery in lg-g4-configurator experiment Jan 22, 2018
map Upgrades jQuery in map experiment Jan 22, 2018
material-showcase Upgrades jQuery in material-showcase experiment Jan 22, 2018
measurements [#WEB-7504] Adds GA snippet to all labs pages Apr 4, 2017
model-inspector Adds "Load model" button to load a model Jul 30, 2018
random [#WEB-7504] Adds GA snippet to all labs pages Apr 4, 2017
screenshots Fixes undefined params when initializing viewer Jan 12, 2018
sketchfab-viewer-api-example [#WEB-7504] Adds GA snippet to all labs pages Apr 4, 2017
styles Redesigns screenshot experiment Jun 9, 2017
video-textures [#WEB-7504] Adds GA snippet to all labs pages Apr 4, 2017
watch-configurator Upgrades jQuery in watch-configurator experiment Jan 22, 2018
.gitignore Adds .gitignore Aug 17, 2015
.nojekyll Don't use jekyll on github pages Jan 15, 2016
Jenkinsfile Update Sep 3, 2019
index.html Adds article-scroll demo Jul 9, 2018


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