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@AurL AurL released this Apr 17, 2018

Sketchfab Unreal Plugin v1.0.0

Unreal plugin to browse and import models from Sketchfab
Supported versions: Unreal Engine 4.18

This plugin uses the Sketchfab download API
A Sketchfab account is required to be able to download content from Sketchfab


Download attached .zip and unzip it into a new plugin folder in your project directory.

If you already have plugins installed, you only need to add a new SketchfabUnrealPlugin directory, otherwise you will need to create Plugins folder manually.

You should end with this structure: PROJECT_DIRECTORY/Plugins/SketchfabUnrealPlugin/[Zip content]
If Unreal Engine is running, you will need to close and reopen it in order to make it load the plugin.

Import a Sketchfab model in UE4 project

Once loaded, the Sketchfab asset browser is available in Window menu in Sketchfab sub menu.

When clicked, it opens a window and shows the latest free downloadable Sketchfab models.

Use the search UI to search for models, filter and order the results.


You first need to login with your Sketchfab account in order to be able to download and import Sketchfab models. To do so, use the login button, enter your Sketchfab credentials and proceed to authentication.

Select and import model in UE4 project

Once authenticated, double click on a model thumbnail to display it's model page.


Click on "Download model" to download the archive locally (a small progress bar under the thumbnail shows the status of the download) and then drag'n drop the thumbnail into the Content Browser to import it into your scene. A popup with license info is displayed and must be accepted before the import.

A progress window is displayed and the assets are then visible in the content browser and can be imported into the scene.

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