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Upload a VisualSFM model to Sketchfab
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Publish a VisualSFM model on Sketchfab

Put the vsfm-skfb-master package in VisualSFM's bin directory. For example, if you used, it could be /Applications/VisualSFM_OS_X_Mavericks_Installer-master/vsfm/bin/vsfm-skfb-master. On Windows, you can put it in the same directory as VisualSFM.exe.

It includes the python requests module.

Edit the external tool section of your nv.ini file. You can add/change arguments when you run the tool, but it's convenient to store the basic command, your API token, and default path to the PLY file, for example:

#Some external applications to run from VisualSFM.
#%s will be replaced by the nvm or ply file title.
param_external_tool1 python vsfm-skfb-master -t API_TOKEN "%s.ply"

You can get your Sketchfab API token here:

For details:

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