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SKGTech is a non profit organization based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The organization is comprised of creative and passionate people that love all the things revolving around technology.

For Web Developers

If you want to contribute to the development of this site you first need to setup your environment based on the project's requirements.

The Stack

  • Node
  • Ruby If you're on OS X or Linux you probably already have Ruby installed; test with ruby -v in your terminal.
  • Gulp npm install -g gulp
  • Jekyll gem install jekyll

This project was built using Jekyll, you don't need to be familiar with these tools to do most of the tasks.

Installing the project

First fork this repository and clone it to your local:

git clone

After cloning is finished you need to install the development dependencies:

npm install

node-sass build fails with specific version. Node v8.16.1 with default npm tested and working.

Working with the project

jekyll serve

The default gulp task will:

  • Browserify the required modules.
  • Build sass and the Jekyll site.
  • Launch default Jekyll dev server with BrowserSync.
  • Watch HTML/SASS/JS/YAML folders and rebuild and reload the site on your browser.

More specific tasks:

  • gulp browserify: Browserifies whatever is in _app and produces assets/js/app.js
  • gulp jekyll-build: Builds jekyll
  • gulp sass: Builds sass sources, adds source comments and produces _site/css/style.css and css/style.css files.

Assets and pages locations

  • Edit styles inside _sass/ folder. /css/style.css is auto generated and injected by BrowserSync.
  • The project's homepage is the file index.html in the root folder.
  • All the site's data are in the _data/ folder.


  • Generated styles and scripts must be committed.
  • Use npm run browserify to generate a production build
  • Anything merged on master branch automatically gets deployed by GitHub Pages.