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Angular Universal PWA Starter

Angular Universal PWA Starter built with Angular Cli on Nestjs with TypeORM + Postgres. Auth with jsonwebtoken library.


  • angular cli (project generated with version 1.6.0-rc.0)
  • yarn (dependency management)
  • angular 5.0+ (new service worker)
  • I have provided public and private keys for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in your project.
    • don't even check your real keys into source control.
  • You have another folder called angular-universal-pwa-starter-deploy on the same level that you have angular-universal-pwa-starter.
    • Example deploy repo
    • angular-universal-pwa-starter-deploy contains:a git repo, .gitignore, and .gitattributes. You will copy over the needed files with build scripts. It is the deployment folder that you pull from to update the server.
    • The various build scripts compile the server and move the dist folder & package.json to the angular-universal-pwa-starter-deploy folder.
  • Postgres Config You have a database with the same configuration as linked, or you change that config to database user info of your choosing.

Files that require changes for a fresh project

  • /src/app/app.common.module.ts {appId: 'angular-universal-pwa-starter'}
  • /server/modules/database/database.providers.ts set your database username, password, and database fields.
  • private.key and public.key generate your own. Don't store your production keys on github.
  • dotenv: create a file called .env in the root of the project (ie next to Do not save it to source control. Give it the following variables:
  • create another .env file in your deploy folder, it will have the same variable names, but with values suited for a production environment.


  • why bother with a depoyment repo? precompile everything on your dev environment, it is probably a beefier machine.

Useful Commands

  • ng serve --aot - Run in frontend aot development mode on port 4200.
  • npm run dev-server - Runs server on port 8000 via ts-node, assumes no frontend changes.
  • npm run prep-dev-server - Full build of frontend, then serves frontend and backend on port 8000 via ts-node.
  • npm run deploy - Build and push server & frontend assets to github deployment repo.
  • npm run analyze-aot - Bundle analysis of non-tree shaken bundle. lets you see the individual angular module pieces.
  • npm run analyze-deploy - Bundle analysis of tree shaken bundle. kind of opaque, but truest to reality.
  • yarn upgrade-interactive - Upgrade only what you want to.
  • npm run format - formats with tsfmt (typescript-formatter) based on tsfmt.json settings. This script gets called automatically before prep-dev-server and deploy.

Build Script Explained

  • npm run deploy
    • first it runs format whichs reads options from tsfmt.json and formats code for consistent style.
    • second it runs prep-front-end
      • a: it runs ng build prod to build the frontend production app.
      • b: it runs ng build --prod --app 1 --output-hashing=false to build the server Aot Factory: AppServerModuleNgFactory
    • third it runs prep-server which uses nestjs.tsconfig.json to compile the server assets to js.
    • fourth it runs copy-needed-files-to-deploy-folder which copies yarn.lock and package.json for installing dependencies on server and moves the dist folder to angular-universal-pwa-starter-deploy (or whatever you name your folder ending in -deploy)
    • fifth it runs deploy-to-github which changes your directory to the deploy folder, then makes an auto generated commit of the contents of the deploy folder.

creating deployment on vps:

cd /var/www/
sudo git remote add origin
sudo git pull origin master

updating deployment:

ssh root@ipv4 address
su - web
cd /var/www/
sudo git pull origin master
pm2 restart dist/server

To Do List

  • linting + standardize code formatting <-- tsfmt

  • testing

    • frontend <-- angular-cli has working tests now.
    • backend
  • configure environment variable for server like cli. This would allow insecure cookies during dev and secure during prod without fiddling by hand. <-- dotenv

  • Error: Could not extract user from request: jwt expired need to deal with expired JWT.

    • attempt to renew token, if user no longer exists on db flush cookies
    • refactor auth-service so it isn't just one large file.
  • frontend auth module

    • observable auth service
    • guards
  • refactor backend auth to handle multiple types of logins.

    • email and password
    • anonymous
    • social: google
    • social: facebook
    • social: twitter
    • social: github
  • database migrations

  • websocket

  • comments / chat system

  • copy over only a barebones package.json that just gives the dependencies, rather than the entire copy of package.json as currently implemented.

  • SEO Stuff: remove keywords (useless apparently), add the og: and other static meta stuff to index.

  • add baseUrl to environment variables / auth service

  • test prerequisite: wipe out testing database.

  • needed tests

    • username / password auth
      • login non-existent user (fails)
      • create new user(1)
      • create same user (fails)
      • logout
      • login user(1)
      • logout
      • create user(2)
      • logout
      • login user(2)
      • create user(3) rapidly. first time success, subsequent fails -- to verify not caching something we shouldn't
    • anonymous auth
      • create anonymous user(1)
      • logout attempt (fail, insufficient permission)
      • upgrade user to username / password, user id stays same
      • upgrade anonymous user when not logged in (fails)
      • upgrade anonymous user when account already has associated email (fails)