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Haxe Wiki CMS

The Haxe Wiki CMS is used by haxe.org and provides the following features :

  • a wiki system with a clean extendable markup syntax

    • realtime javascript-based preview
  • each page can be translated while keeping the same navigation

    • (fallback on default english language when user-language specific version is not found)
  • user groups and rights management

    • (control who can create/edit/modify/etc. all or specific pages/paths of the wiki)
  • versioning of all pages changes

  • some parts of the wiki can be turned into a blog-style view

  • allow comments on pages/blogs - if activated

  • an embededded forum system

  • image and files uploads

  • customizable themes with css

  • a remoting api to perform automatic tasks

    • (such as synchronizing the API documentation)
  • entirely written in Haxe !


In order to setup the wiki :

  1. download or clone the source code

  2. install Haxe + Neko

    • requires Haxe 2.09+
  3. install MySQL database server

    • create a database called hxwiki
  4. configure website

    • copy config.tpl.xml as config.xml and set the db field with your local mysql database server db="mysql://root:@localhost:3306/hxwiki"
    • set the admin password ! (will be used to create the admin user, can be removed later)
  5. install a few haxelib libraries

    • haxelib install mtwin
    • haxelib install templo
    • haxelib install spodadmin
  6. compile by running haxe project.hxml

  7. create temploc executable

    • cd www
    • haxelib run templo
  8. either configure mod_neko for Apache or run the local neko server

    • nekotools server -rewrite
  9. visit http://localhost:2000/

    • it should create the database, refresh to start using !


  • change website design

    • set style="haxe" for old design
    • set style="haxe2" for new design
  • use google search

    • set gsearch gsearch="1"
  • to setup a part of the website as a blog :

    • login as admin
    • insert an EntryConfig definition with the path of your blog my/blog for instance
    • don't forget to check isBlog
  • to setup a part of the website as a forum :

    • same as the blog before
    • check isForum instead of isBlog
    • insert also the corresponding ForumTheme