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Fofou (Forums For You) is a simple forum software inspired by Joel On Software forum software. Original code by

I made a big refactoring of the code, fixed some bugs, and removed the RSS and email feature which I plan to rewrite.


Fofou runs on Google App Engine infrastructure. You need to get an App Engine account and upload fofou. Once installed, you can create one or more forums through the web interface.

Deployment philosophy

Fofou isn't designed as a forum hosting platform for hosting hundreds of forums for many people. It's designed to host a few forums for one person so the owner of App Engine account is implicitly an admin for all forums hosted from that account.

Design philosophy

You'll quickly see that Fofou differs in many ways from most common forum software. There are good reasons for the differences and Joel Spolsky describes those reason in great detail


The original python code is written by Krzysztof Kowalczyk and is in Public Domain. This fork is also in the public domain.


Fofou is open-source so if you want to improve the code, fork away.