A node.js web framework for real-world applications
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A node.js web framework for real-world applications.


mode.js is primarily built as a true MVC framework, but its simplicity allows you to use it straight out of the box as well.

MVC project

Install mode globally:

$ npm install -g mode

Create project folder and open it:

$ mkdir foo && cd foo

Build MVC structure in current folder:

$ mode init

Start app:

$ mode start

Go to localhost:1337*

* Change port or other options in conf/settings.js

Non-MVC project

Install mode locally:

$ npm install mode

Open new .js file:

$ vim foo.js

Initialize mode:

var mode = require('mode');

Start mode, with a connection callback:

mode.start({port: 1337}, function(path, args, conn) {
  conn.close('You are trying to open: ' + path);

Start app:

$ node foo.js

Go to localhost:1337