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@@ -166,6 +166,24 @@ role Sum::CRC [ :@header?, :@footer?, :$residual = 0,
=begin pod
+ The following additional roles may be used to quickly create
+ classes that implement published CRC standards. Note that
+ there are cases where different CRC parameters have been
+ mistakenly called by the same name. Also note that a given
+ set of CRC parameters may be known by many names. These
+ roles are named to be unambiguous, even when an alternative
+ name may be more famous.
+ No complete list of names for different parameter sets is
+ offered by C<Sum::CRC>. For that, please consult the references
+ below.
+=end pod
+=begin pod
=head2 role Sum::CRC_3_ROHC
does Sum::CRC[ :reflect, :columns(3), :poly(0x3) ]

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