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A Mathematica interface for the Renderman RIB protocol
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A Mathematica interface for the Renderman RIB protocol.


I wrote this starting back in 2004, therefore, it is very much out of date in terms of

  1. RenderMan
  2. RIP in general
  3. Mathematica
  4. Xcode

I believe I originally wrote this with RenderMan version 12 and Mathematica version 6 or 7. It uses MathLink which is now depreiciated by Wolfram.

Still, you can probably compile it up with all these old systems.

I'm presently in the process of upgrading it for

  1. RenderMan 21
  2. Mathematica 11
  3. Xcode 8

Why "MacRib"?

Every day, someone asks me — "Shouldn't this be MathRib or something more (or less) clever?"

I have no idea why I named the project this, other than the fact that, as a wee lad, I very much enjoied the MacRib™ sandwich from McDonalds. "Math" and "Mac" sound alike. I've got nothing.

About Me

I have worked for both of the companies involved in this little merging of ideas. I don't work at either any more. But, you can find me at and/or

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