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🍚 Tina's Dotfiles

What are Dotfiles?

A dotfile is a commonly misused word to talk about configuration files, because configuration files often begin with a dot (.), e.g., .bashrc.

Why publishing them?

  1. For personal use: Having them available on GitHub helps me syncing my configuration files across devices, making me faster to use a new machine. It also serves as a back-up if anything goes wrong.
  2. To share knowledge: Sometimes manpages aren't enough. Seeing how other people use and configure their software can help you understand what are the possible scenarios for a program, or help you learn stuff you didn't know.
  3. To help beginners getting started: My dotfiles are voluntarly unoponionated. Nothing in my dotfiles should reflect my personal use-case, nothing is tied to how or where I store files or to my personal habits. This might help people not advanced enough getting a beautiful desktop base.

Screenshots showcase


Nothing Picture with just the wallpaper

The application launcher: Rofi Picture with rofi and other apps open in the background

The ubiquitous editor: Vim Picture with only vim open, showcasing semantic completion


2019-04-19 Nothing ![Picture with just the wallpaper](.gh/2019-04-19/nothing.png)

Vim, Nemo and Neofetch Picture with the code editor and file browser open

Just Ulauncher Picture with only the application launcher open

Twitter and MPV Picture with Twitter and a video playing

Quick setup

  1. Clone this repository somewhere you won't move it. I store it in ~/Repositories/skielred/Dotfiles.
  2. Go to your ~/.config directory.
  3. Create symlinks of the configuration folder from the softwares you want, e.g., ln -s ../Repositories/skielred/Dotfiles/i3 . (maybe do backups first)
  4. Create additional symlinks for softwares that don't store their configuration in ~/.config.
cd ~
ln -s .config/bash/bashrc .bashrc
ln -s .config/zsh/zshrc .zshrc
ln -s .config/x11/Xresources .Xresources
# etc...


Extending the packages repositories on Fedora

Default Fedora packages policy is to authorize strictly free software. There are softwares which are free (doesn't cost money) but don't release all of their source code publicly. And you may want some of those softwares directly from your package manager.

RPMFusion is a very popular repository (made of multiple big user-maintained repositories). You will find a lot of softwares in it such as Steam. Installing RPMFusion

Fedora also has a user-maintained repositories system called copr. This is similar to ArchLinux's AUR. You have to enable a user's repository, then you can install a package from it as if you were trying to install it normally.


dnf copr enable user/repo
dnf install package

Notable copr repositories I have enabled:

dnf copr enable nforro/i3-gaps # i3 fork with sexy gaps between windows
dnf copr enable shengis/i3blocks # i3bar status tool
dnf copr enable shymega/maim-copr # simple CLI screenshot tool
dnf copr enable appelond/google-play-music-desktop-player # music player

The list will grow as more useful tips comes to my mind.

Softwares recommendation

In the terminal

Software Purpose Dotfile? Do I use it? Notes
urxvt Terminal emulator ✔️ ✔️ Fastest terminal emulator I've tried. Only emulator I know of which runs at this speed, noticeable on programs with lots of frame updates such as music visualizers. It can be configured through Perl extensions.
Bash Shell ✔️ You should learn it at least for scripting purpose, as it is present in a lot of systems, it's a reliable way to write portable scripts.
Zsh Shell ✔️ ✔️ Similar and compatible to Bash but with a lot of very useful improvements.
Vim Text or code editor ✔️ ✔️ I use it for everything. I live in Vim 24h/7j. Btw do Escape then type :q! to force quit it, hope I saved your day.
Git Version control software ✔️ ✔️ I use Git to version control everything I do, from small coding projects to my phone's contacts address book. Way too powerful and simple to use.
neofetch Flexing tool ✔️ ✔️ The mandatory script to run in a terminal window before taking a screenshot of your desktop.
htop Process manager ✔️ ✔️ Equivalent of Windows' Task Manager. Use it to track down which applications use a lot of resources with the ability to kill them from the manager.
ranger CLI file browser ✔️ Used to use it, but I started to do a lot of complicating file browsing tasks such as using network locations, I needed a GUI tool. Still dope and very sexy to browse from your terminal, I highly recommend giving it a try.

On the desktop

Software Purpose Dotfile? Do I use it? Notes
i3 Tiling window manager ✔️ (i3-gaps) The perfect window manager. Fast, simple to learn and configure. Lots of possibilities.
i3-gaps i3 fork ✔️ ✔️ i3 but with the ability to configure gaps between windows. Makes everything 100 times sexier.
polybar Status bar ✔️ Easy to configure and to make pretty status bar.
i3bar Status bar ✔️ i3's natively supported status bar.
Ulauncher Application launcher ✔️ Good looking application launcher with a web-based settings interface. I wrote an extension to run terminal commands from it, with auto-complete support.
LightDM Display manager ✔️ ✔️ Lightweight display manager. The display manager is the program that greets you and ask you to log in, with the possibity to pick between the different desktop softwares installed.
compton Compositor ✔️ ✔️ A compositor is a program that adds shadows, transparency and effects to the desktop windows. Think shader but for your desktop.


Software Purpose Dotfile? Do I use it? Notes
maim Screenshot tool ✔️ (i3 keybinds) ✔️ Simple and efficient screenshot tool. I had less problems with it than with scrot. See my i3 config to see how I use it (Print key and Shift+Print bindings).
youtube-dl Websites wrapper/CLI tool ✔️ Download or stream media from almost any video service existing on Earth. From, of course, YouTube, to many less known sites and even music sites such as SoundCloud. youtube-dl "$playlist_url" -x --audio-format=mp3.
Fusuma Touchpad gestures ✔️ ✔️ Must have if you use a laptop. Bind gestures such as swiping with 3 fingers to commands. Most common use case is previous/next page by swiping left/right.
Crescent Application entries generator ✔️ ✔️ A program I made to generate Desktrop Entries easily.
ImageMagick Image editing library/CLI tool ✔️ You must learn to use it. It's very useful and powerful. The simplest tasks you'll want to learn is converting between formats. It's as simple as convert from_image.png to_image.jpg.
ffmpeg Video processing library/CLI tool ✔️ Same reasons. You'll be doing ffmpeg -i from_video.flv to_video.mp4 quite often.


Software Purpose Dotfile? Do I use it? Notes
feh Image viewer ✔️ Stupid and simple image viewer. No actual GUI. Just opens media in a window, controls can be done through keyboard. Can also be used to set a wallpaper.
mpv Media player ✔️ ✔️ Stupid and simple media player. No actual GUI. Just opens media in a window, controls can be done through keyboard
Nemo File browser ✔️ Nemo is the file browser made for and by the guys of Linux Mint. It's a fork of the file browser called Nautilus, it's slightly prettier.
GMusic Desktop Player Music player ✔️ Google Play Music Desktop Player. A wrapper arround the Play Music website made in Electron with desktop integration in mind.
Firefox Internet browser ✔️ Fast. Containers support (separate history/data per site). Sync. Add-ons support on mobile.
Chrome Internet browser ✔️ Smooth performances. Fake app mode (launch any website without titlebar/buttons), perfect to create pseudo-webapps for Twitter, TweetDeck, or other sites.

The list will grow as more softwares that deserve to be recommended comes to my mind.

Need help?

Maybe open an issue or ask me on Twitter @Shookaite or Discord Tina#0573.

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