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Catallax Trust News:

More info about Catallax:

White Paper:

#Bug Bounty

The following contracts have been created on the main net and $100 worth of ETH(as of Oct. 16th, 2017) has been loaded into the trust. Feel free to try to get it out!

Custodian: 0x1ed1ee3d6cf25754046e8769f4f2feff57ede7a3

Factory: 0x6824457c6c5f711b71dc28c804c6ca767fc84046

DateTime: 0x1a6184CD4C5Bea62B0116de7962EE7315B7bcBce


Bug Bounty Trust: 0xb8c7842b4451c440f14f0ccfa7cc4bb9734e5df5 <- $100 is in here (0.3 ETH)