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pragma solidity ^0.4.15;
contract TrustStorage {
//keep track of if we have seen this key before or not
mapping(bytes32 => bool) public genericStoreExists;
//a place to put our data
mapping(bytes32 => bytes32) public genericStore;
mapping(address => bool) public owners;
//a place to keep track of our keys. Out of order...but still, we
//have them
bytes32[] public genericIterator;
//keep track of the number of keys we are storing
uint256 public genericCount;
address owner;
* @dev Throws if called by any account other than the owner.
modifier onlyOwner() {
bool test = owners[msg.sender];
address mmhu = msg.sender;
require(owners[msg.sender] == true);
function TrustStorage(){
owners[msg.sender] = true;
function UpdateOwner(address _owner, bool _value) onlyOwner returns (bool){
owners[_owner] = _value;
return true;
//store our data
// We assume that your variable name has been convered to
// bytes32. You can do this via a keccak or converting string to bytes
// We assume you have keccaked your variable path
// We assume that all values are cast to bytes32
function putValue(bytes32 _dataGroup, bytes32 _kecKey, bytes32 _value) returns(bool){
bytes32 key = keccak256(_dataGroup, _kecKey);
putValueRaw(key, _value);
return true;
function putValueRaw(bytes32 key, bytes32 _value) onlyOwner returns(bool){
genericStore[key] = _value;
if(genericStoreExists[key] == false){
genericStoreExists[key] = true;
genericCount = genericCount + 1;
return true;
//get integers
function getInt(bytes32 _dataGroup, bytes32 _kecKey) constant returns(uint256){
bytes32 key = keccak256(_dataGroup, _kecKey);
return uint256(genericStore[key]);