Generate coverage reports from buster test runs
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An extension for buster.js to generage lcov files for everything listed in your source files. You will need lcov or something similar to generate meaningful reports.

It will output a coverage.lcov that combines all browser into a single file and a separated file for each client that was connected during the testrun.


Not yet released on npm, so go to your node_modules directory and clone it:

git clone git://

Then link it:

cd buster-coverage
npm link

Then add it to your buster.js config file:

config["My tests"] = {
  extensions: [ require("buster-coverage") ]


By default it will write everything into the coverage subdirectory.

Example Configuration

config["My tests"] = {
  extensions: [ require("buster-coverage") ],
  "buster-coverage": {
    outputDirectory: "coverage_reports", //Write to this directory instead of coverage
    format: "cobertura", //At the moment cobertura and lcov are the only ones available
    combinedResultsOnly: true, //Write one combined file instead of one for each browser
    coverageExclusions: ["resources"] //Exclude everything with resources in it's path

Generating reports

To generate a basic report you can just run:

genhtml coverage/coverage.lcov -o report


Copyright 2012, Tobias Ebnöther.

Released under the BSD license.