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Objects in JavaScript without objects
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I'll probably come up with a better name at some point.

Have you ever wished that you could create objects in JavaScript without using JavaScript objects? No? Well, neither have I really, but I wanted to see if it was possible.

The rules

I've set myself two major limitations:

  1. Don't create any plain old JavaScript objects (functions, arrays etc. are allowed)
  2. Don't use the dot operator.

The second rule is tricky, because there are calls to JavaScript built-ins (e.g. which are impossible without dots. So I've allowed myself a few functions at the top of the file that map these operations to straight function calls.

The implementation

Basically, I wanted to keep the object/inheritance engine separate from the method definitions, so I made a function called objMaker, which makes objects, based on a set of methods, arguments for initializing those methods, and an optional super object.

To avoid using object literals, the mapping from method name to method body is done via a switch statement. A methods function takes a string and returns a method. That method is passed self (which represents the current object), as in Python.

If you call a method on an object that doesn't exist, the dispatch function checks to see if a super object is defined. If it is, that object is called with the same method name, and with self set to the current self. This means that a method called on a super object can still access methods defined on the original message receiver (which is how OO is meant to work).


This is just a silly experiment. I'm not expecting anyone to use it for anything, and I know it's probably got horrible performance implications. But sometimes it's fun just to see how far you can shape the language.

For a slightly saner alternative technique, have a look at Peter Michaux's SICP Classes for JavaScript.

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