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@@ -11,16 +11,28 @@ For example,
If the prefix is "gridfs", then the id will be be "someobjectid".
+You can also use Rack::GridFS::Endpoint as a rack endpoint if you want to
+handle routing another way
== Mongo Driver Compatibility Notes
-This version is currently based on mongo-1.1+. As there were significant changes
+This version is currently based on mongo-1.2+. As there were significant changes
to the GridFS API prior to v1.0, you may have luck with the git-tagged version
0.2.0 of this library with earlier versions of the driver.
== Installation
gem install rack-gridfs
+== Features
+- Use as rack middleware or mount as a rack endpoint
+- File lookup using a path or object id
+- Chunked transfer encoding, keeps memory usage low
+- Content-Type header set using 'mime-types' gem
+- Last-Modified and Etag headers set automatically for conditional get support
+- Cache-Control header support
+- High availability when using replication sets
== Usage
require 'rack/gridfs'
@@ -38,6 +50,9 @@ You must also specify MongoDB database details:
- +database+: the name of the MongoDB database to connect to.
- +username+ and +password+: if you need to authenticate to MongoDB.
+Alternatively you can pass in a <tt>Mongo::DB</tt> instance instead:
+- +db+: MongoMapper.database, or Mongoid.database for example.
=== Simple Sinatra Example
require 'rubygems'
@@ -50,7 +65,7 @@ You must also specify MongoDB database details:
"The URL did not match a file in GridFS."
-=== Usage with Rails
+=== Usage with Rails 2
To use <tt>Rack::GridFS</tt> in a Rails application, add it as middleware in
<tt>application.rb</tt> or <tt>config/environments/*</tt>with something like this:
@@ -63,6 +78,13 @@ the middleware stack for your app using {the Rails convenience methods}[http://g
taking into consideration that it can probably be near the top since it simply
returns a "static" file or a 404.
+=== Usage with Rails 3
+To use in Rails 3, you can insert into the middleware stack or mount the app
+directly in your routes (recommended). In config/routes.rb:
+ mount Rack::GridFS::Endpoint, :at => "gridfs"
=== Path (filename) Lookup
The <tt>:lookup => :path</tt> option causes files to be looked up from the GridFS
@@ -4,6 +4,20 @@
module Rack
class GridFSConnectionError < StandardError ; end
+ # Rack middleware that will serve GridFS files from a specified path prefix.
+ # By default the prefix is stripped from the path before file lookup in
+ # GridFS occurs.
+ #
+ # For example:
+ #
+ # "/gridfs/filename.png" -> "filename.png"
+ #
+ # If you are using Rails you can mount the endpoint directly.
+ #
+ # For example (in config/routes.rb):
+ #
+ # mount Rack::GridFS::Endpoint, :at => "gridfs"
class GridFS
autoload :Endpoint, "rack/gridfs/endpoint"

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