Bcrypt password hashing in Perl6
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Easy bcrypt password hashing in Perl6.


Password hashing and verification are one function each, and utilize a crypt()-style output string:

> use Crypt::Bcrypt;

> my $hash = bcrypt-hash("password")

> bcrypt-match("password", $hash)

> bcrypt-match("wrong", $hash)

> bcrypt-hash("password", :rounds(15))


This module uses the Openwall crypt_blowfish library by Solar Designer. See http://www.openwall.com/crypt/ and the header of crypt_blowfish.c for details.


The Openwall library is licensed and redistributed under the terms outlined in the header of crypt_blowfish.c. Any modifications are released under the same terms.

This module is released under the terms of the ISC License. See the LICENSE file for details.