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from sleekxmpp.test import *
from sleekxmpp.stanza.presence import Presence
class TestPresenceStanzas(SleekTest):
def testPresenceShowRegression(self):
"""Regression check presence['type'] = 'dnd' show value working"""
p = self.Presence()
p['type'] = 'dnd'
self.check(p, "<presence><show>dnd</show></presence>")
def testPresenceType(self):
"""Test manipulating presence['type']"""
p = self.Presence()
p['type'] = 'available'
self.check(p, "<presence />")
self.failUnless(p['type'] == 'available',
"Incorrect presence['type'] for type 'available': %s" % p['type'])
for showtype in ['away', 'chat', 'dnd', 'xa']:
p['type'] = showtype
self.check(p, """
""" % showtype)
self.failUnless(p['type'] == showtype,
"Incorrect presence['type'] for type '%s'" % showtype)
p['type'] = None
self.check(p, "<presence />")
def testPresenceUnsolicitedOffline(self):
Unsolicted offline presence does not spawn changed_status
or update the roster.
p = self.Presence()
p['type'] = 'unavailable'
p['from'] = ''
c = sleekxmpp.ClientXMPP('crap@wherever', 'password')
happened = []
def handlechangedpresence(event):
c.add_event_handler("changed_status", handlechangedpresence)
self.failUnless(happened == [],
"changed_status event triggered for extra unavailable presence")
self.failUnless(c.roster == {},
"Roster updated for superfulous unavailable presence")
def testNickPlugin(self):
"""Test presence/nick/nick stanza."""
p = self.Presence()
p['nick']['nick'] = 'A nickname!'
self.check(p, """
<nick xmlns="">A nickname!</nick>
suite = unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(TestPresenceStanzas)
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