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SleekXMPP is an XMPP library written for Python 3.1+ (with 2.6 compatibility).
Hosted at
Featured in examples in XMPP: The Definitive Guide by Kevin Smith, Remko Tronçon, and Peter Saint-Andre
If you're coming here from The Definitive Guide, please read
We try to keep requirements to a minimum, but we suggest that you install although it isn't strictly required.
If you do not install this library, you may need to specify the server/port for services that use SRV records (like GTalk).
"sudo pip install dnspython" on a *nix system with pip installed.
SleekXMPP has several design goals/philosophies:
- Low number of dependencies.
- Every XEP as a plugin.
- Rewarding to work with.
The goals for 1.0 include (and we're getting close):
- Nearly Full test coverage of stanzas.
- Wide range of functional tests.
- Stanza objects for all interaction with the stream
- Documentation on using and extending SleekXMPP.
- Complete documentation on all implemented stanza objects
- Documentation on all examples used in XMPP: The Definitive Guide
1.1 will include:
- More functional and unit tests
- PEP-8 compliance
- XEP-225 support
Since 0.2, here's the Changelog:
- MANY bugfixes
- Re-implementation of handlers/threading to greatly simplify and remove bugs (no more spawning threads in handlers)
- Stanza objects for jabber:client and all implemented XEPs
- Raising XMPPError for jabber:client and extended errors in handlers
- Robust error handling and better insurance of iq responses
- Stanza objects have made life a lot easier!
- Massive audit/cleanup.
Main Author: Nathan Fritz
Contributors: Kevin Smith & Lance Stout
Patches: Remko Tronçon
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