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#!/usr/bin/env python
import unittest
import logging
import sys
import os
class testoverall(unittest.TestCase):
def testModules(self):
"""Testing all modules by compiling them"""
import compileall
import re
if sys.version_info < (3,0):
self.failUnless(compileall.compile_dir('.' + os.sep + 'sleekxmpp', rx=re.compile('/[.]svn'), quiet=True))
self.failUnless(compileall.compile_dir('.' + os.sep + 'sleekxmpp', rx=re.compile('/[.]svn|.*26.*'), quiet=True))
def testTabNanny(self):
"""Invoking the tabnanny"""
import tabnanny
self.failIf(tabnanny.check("." + os.sep + 'sleekxmpp'))
#raise "Help!"
def disabled_testMethodLength(self):
"""Testing for excessive method lengths"""
import re
dirs = os.walk(sys.path[0] + os.sep + 'sleekxmpp')
offenders = []
for d in dirs:
if not '.svn' in d[0]:
for filename in d[2]:
if filename.endswith('.py') and d[0].find("template%stemplates" % os.sep) == -1:
with open("%s%s%s" % (d[0],os.sep,filename), "r") as fp:
cur = None
methodline = lineno = methodlen = methodindent = 0
for line in fp:
indentlevel = re.compile("^[\t ]*").search(line).end()
line = line.expandtabs()
lineno += 1
if line.strip().startswith("def ") or line.strip().startswith("except") or (line.strip() and methodindent > indentlevel) or (line.strip() and methodindent == indentlevel): #new method found or old one ended
if cur: #existing method needs final evaluation
if methodlen > 50 and not cur.strip().startswith("def setupUi"):
offenders.append("Method '%s' on line %s of %s/%s is longer than 50 lines (%s)" % (cur.strip(),methodline,d[0][len(rootp):],filename,methodlen))
methodlen = 0
cur = line
methodindent = indentlevel
methodline = lineno
if line and cur and not line.strip().startswith("#") and not (cur.strip().startswith("try:") and methodindent == 0): #if we weren't all whitespace and weren't a comment
methodlen += 1
if __name__ == '__main__':
#this doesn't need to be very clean
alltests = [unittest.TestLoader().loadTestsFromTestCase(testoverall)]
rootp = sys.path[0] + os.sep + 'tests'
dirs = os.walk(rootp)
for d in dirs:
if not '.svn' in d[0]:
for filename in d[2]:
if filename.startswith('test_') and filename.endswith('.py'):
modname = ('tests' + "." + filename)[:-3].replace(os.sep,'.')
#sys.modules[modname].config = moduleconfig
alltests_suite = unittest.TestSuite(alltests)
result = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=2).run(alltests_suite)
print("""<tests xmlns='' ran='%s' errors='%s' fails='%s' success='%s' />""" % (result.testsRun, len(result.errors), len(result.failures), result.wasSuccessful()))