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ElementBase sub_items not subitem?
*XMPP needs to use JID class instead of lots of fields.
BaseXMPP set_jid, makeIqQuery, getjidresource, getjidbare not needed
Why CamelCase and underscore_names? Document semantics.
conn_tests and sleekxmpp/tests and sleekxmpp/xmlstresm/test.* -> convert to either unit tests, or at least put in same place
Update - github url, version #
scheduler needs unit tests
ClientXMPP stream:features handler should use new state machine
Write stream tests for startls, features, etc.
-- PEP8 - all files
Need to use spaces
Docstrings are lacking. Need to document attributes and return values.
Organize imports
Use absolute, not relative imports
Fix one-liner if statements
Line length limit of 79 characters
-- Plugins
--- xep_0004
Need more unit tests
--- xep_0009
Need stanza objects
Need unit tests
--- xep_0045
Need to use stanza objects
A few TODO comments for checking roles and using defaults
Need unit tests
--- xep_0050
Need unit tests
Need stanza objects - use new xep_0004
--- xep_0060
Need unit tests
Need to use existing stanza objects
--- xep_0078
Is it useful still?
Need stanza objects/unit tests
--- xep_0086
Is there a way to automate setting error codes?
Seems like this should be part of the error stanza by default
Use stanza objects
--- xep_0092
Stanza objects
Unit tests
--- xep_0199
Stanza objects
Unit tests
Clean commented code
Use the new scheduler
-- Documentation
Document the Zen/Tao/Whatever of SleekXMPP to explain design goals and decisions
Write architecture description
XMPP:TDG needs to be rewritten.
Need to update docs that reference old JID attributes of sleekxmpp objects
Page describing new JID class
Message page needs updating
Iq page needs to be written
Make guides to go with and
Page on xmlstream.matchers
Page on xmlstream.handlers, especially waiters
Page on using xmlstream.scheduler