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Add a groupchat_subject event

Use this event to get notified of the subject changes (or to get the
subject of the room when joining one)
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commit b73a8590310c61c8d56b6a6f861c8666b4e71064 1 parent 9dbf246
@louiz louiz authored legastero committed
Showing with 7 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +7 −0 sleekxmpp/plugins/
7 sleekxmpp/plugins/
@@ -120,6 +120,7 @@ def plugin_init(self):
registerStanzaPlugin(Presence, MUCPresence)
self.xmpp.registerHandler(Callback('MUCPresence', MatchXMLMask("<presence xmlns='%s' />" % self.xmpp.default_ns), self.handle_groupchat_presence))
self.xmpp.registerHandler(Callback('MUCMessage', MatchXMLMask("<message xmlns='%s' type='groupchat'><body/></message>" % self.xmpp.default_ns), self.handle_groupchat_message))
+ self.xmpp.registerHandler(Callback('MUCSubject', MatchXMLMask("<message xmlns='%s' type='groupchat'><subject/></message>" % self.xmpp.default_ns), self.handle_groupchat_subject))
def handle_groupchat_presence(self, pr):
""" Handle a presence in a muc.
@@ -153,6 +154,12 @@ def handle_groupchat_message(self, msg):
self.xmpp.event('groupchat_message', msg)
self.xmpp.event("muc::%s::message" % msg['from'].bare, msg)
+ def handle_groupchat_subject(self, msg):
+ """ Handle a message coming from a muc indicating
+ a change of subject (or announcing it when joining the room)
+ """
+ self.xmpp.event('groupchat_subject', msg)
def jidInRoom(self, room, jid):
for nick in self.rooms[room]:
entry = self.rooms[room][nick]
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