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Commits on Jul 20, 2010
  1. @legastero
  2. @legastero
  3. @fritzy

    update sleektest to set state

    fritzy authored
  4. @fritzy
  5. @legastero
  6. @fritzy

    fixed setValues messed up merge

    fritzy authored
  7. @fritzy

    merged tomstrummer's branch

    fritzy authored
  8. @fritzy

    removed a silly comment

    fritzy authored
  9. @hildjj
  10. @fritzy
  11. @fritzy
  12. @legastero
  13. @legastero
  14. @legastero
  15. @legastero
  16. @legastero

    Lots of XEP-0004 bug fixes.

    legastero authored
    Forms have default type of 'form'
    setFields now uses a list of tuples instead of a dictionary because ordering is important.
    getFields defaults to returning a list of tuples, but the use_dict parameter can change that
  17. @legastero

    Please tab nanny.

    legastero authored
  18. @legastero

    Updated license notices to use the correct MIT format. Also corrected…

    legastero authored
    … references to nonexistant license.txt to LICENSE.
  19. @legastero
  20. @legastero
  21. @legastero

    Updated presence stanza to include a 'show' interface. Presence stanz…

    legastero authored
    …a tests updated accordingly.
  22. @legastero

    Updated SleekTest to implement the checkPresence method.

    legastero authored
    Also, removed unnecessary TestStream class and shortened timeout during stream connection.
  23. @legastero
Commits on Jul 19, 2010
  1. @fritzy

    more set/get Values changes

    fritzy authored
  2. @fritzy
  3. @legastero

    Can now pass a name to add_handler so that the handler can be reliabl…

    legastero authored
    …y removed later.
    Updated uses of add_handler to include a name.
  4. @fritzy
  5. @fritzy

    indent problem on stanzabase

    fritzy authored
  6. @fritzy
  7. @fritzy
  8. @legastero

    Condensed all of the stanzaPlugin functions into a single registerSta…

    legastero authored
    …nzaPlugin function.
    Updated plugins and tests to use new function.
  9. @thom-nic

    added connected state check to send file

    Brian Beggs authored thom-nic committed
  10. @thom-nic

    fixed documentation, added checks to not accept transfers from the sa…

    Brian Beggs authored thom-nic committed
    …me logged in session.
  11. @thom-nic

    added documentation for xep_0047

    Brian Beggs authored thom-nic committed
  12. @thom-nic

    Plugin xep_0047 will now take 2 optional configuration items:

    Brian Beggs authored thom-nic committed
    -acceptTransferCallback - This should be a function pointer that will return a boolean value letting the caller know if a file transfer should or should not be accepted.  If this option is provided the maxSessions option is ignored.
    -fileNameCallback - This should be a function pointer that will return a string with the full path and name a file should be saved as.  If the provided function pointer returns None or is not provided the default saveDirectory +saveNamePrefix_sid will be used.
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