Tools to work with the CRAB open data
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CRAB : the address - geocode database for Flanders

Set up

Download the CRAB db from (it's free and open)

Be sure to have a postgis ready.

After you have unzipped the files, run this:

ogr2ogr -a_srs EPSG:31370 -f "PostgreSQL" PG:"host=localhost user=... dbname=... password=... port=5432" GML/terrobj.gml -overwrite

Wait for ~4hours (on a machine with 4 cores and an SSD)

(there are some common pitfalls when installing postgis. Just use the internet to get you out there if stuck.)


Load the DBF (the data files) in the postgresql db:

First change them to csv using your favourite tool (a perl file in the bin/ folder of this repo may help)

This script will again take a long time, but afterwards, the most important tables can again be ingested in the postgresdb:

CREATE TABLE tablename
( columns and types );
COPY tablename FROM 'foo/bar.csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV;