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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:basics.html[Getting started]
Running Cherokee
There are several ways you can run Cherokee:
. Automatic start: this makes use of the mechanism offered by your OS
that should have been configured when Cherokee was installed. It
will run making use of the link:dev_cherokee.conf.html[`cherokee.conf`]
present in your system.
. Guardian wrapper: The link:other_bundle_cherokee.html[cherokee] program
comes as a standard part of the Cherokee bundle. It is a security
mechanism that ensures Cherokee's recovery in case of any system
failure and wraps the calls to `cherokee-worker`. This is what is
actually launched when Cherokee is automatically started.
. Stand alone instance: Cherokee supports a series of parameters to
launch it from the command line. Refer to the the appropriate
documentation section about
link:other_bundle_cherokee-worker.html[`cherokee-worker`] to see the
complete list of optional arguments.
. Cherokee-Admin: The administration web interface allows you to
configure and launch Cherokee. This is probably where you want to
start if you have just installed the web server. Launch the
link:other_bundle_cherokee-admin.html[`cherokee-admin`] process and follow
the link:config_walkthrough.html[Quickstart] section of the