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== link:index.html[Index] -> Configuration
. link:config_walkthrough.html[Walkthrough]: Overview and walkthrough.
. link:config_index.html[Home]: Main section.
. link:config_market.html[Market]: Entry point to the Cherokee Market
. link:config_status.html[Status]: Server status information.
. link:config_general.html[General]: General settings.
. link:config_virtual_servers.html[Virtual servers]: Server definition.
- link:config_virtual_servers_rule.html[Rule Options]: Specifying the matching rules.
- link:config_virtual_servers_rule_types.html[Rule Types]: Choosing the right rule type for the task.
- link:config_virtual_servers_evhost.html[Advanced Virtual Hosting]: Multi-domain settings.
. link:config_info_sources.html[Information Sources]: Defining information sources.
. link:config_advanced.html[Advanced]: Advanced tweaking. Not for the faint of heart.
. link:config_wizards.html[Wizards]: Configuration assistants for many known scenarios.