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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:config.html[Configuration]
Last checked: 2010/04/26 Cherokee 0.99.46b
Through this section you will be able to launch and stop the web
server. It also provides some useful information about the server and
the configuration status, as well as some hardware stats. Also, the
lower right corner of the screen will allow you to shut-down
Cherokee-Admin without leaving the web interface, which might be
convenient particularly if you have launched it using
.Cherokee Admin's home page
This section also enables you to change Cherokee-Admin's current user
language, and allows you to send feedback directly to Cherokee
developers, as well as enlisting in our
Cherokee Users] ranking.
From here you will have access to support links, and communication
channels such as mailing lists, IRC and social media.
You will also be able to access an essential element of any Open
Source project, the bugtracker. Do not hesitate to make use of it to
log bugs and requests for enhancements.
Remote Services
Besides all that has been mentioned already, the `Remote Services`
section will bring you a completely new range of possibilities.
This checkbox can be disabled for those who do not wish to interact at
all with the outside World. Just leave it unchecked, and
Cherokee-Admin will offer more or less the same capabilitites that it
had to offer before the link:config_market.html[Cherokee Market]
era. However, when this option is checked, the new
link:config_market.html[Market] section will appear in the graphical
interface, and the free `Backup Service` will be at your disposal.
Read more about link:config_market.html[Cherokee Market] to learn
about its full potential. You can join the Market by creating a free
account using the link provided for that purpose.
To take advantage of the `Backup Service`, you will need a Cherokee
Market account, and will have to be logged in.
Backup Service
Once you are logged in, you will be able to remotely backup and
restore your configuration, so that it is accessible from wherever you
need it, whenever you need it.
You can associate description notes to each saved configuration, and
it will be stored along the date of creation so that you can easily
retrieve it in the future.
.Backup dialog
And of course, you can restore any previous configuration state at any
given moment. This makes it very easy to experiment with Cherokee,
without ever worrying about breaking your configuration.
.Restore dialog