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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:config.html[Configuration]
Last checked: 2011/02/25 Cherokee 1.2.0
Through this section, Cherokee-Admin is fully integrated with
link:[Cherokee Market], the first
Marketplace for Web applications that can deliver and deploy
applications directly into your web infrastructure.
Cherokee Market is a revolutionary new distribution channel for Web
applications, where developers can distribute and sell their apps,
while Web infrastructure owners can easily deploy them within seconds.
This section of Cherokee-Admin allows you to fully interact with the
Market through a clean and intuitive interface.
Main Market Screen
The layout is composed by several sections.
.Main Market Window
This is the search-bar located at the upper right corner of the
interface. Through it you'll be able to locate specific
applications. As the catalog of available applications gets bigger,
the more importance this function will gain. keeps getting
This box, located at the upper left part of the interface, will allow
you to browse some featured applications. Just choose any of them and
you'll be shown some basic information about the selected application,
as well as a link to get to a page showing the full information.
Top applications
Located at the lower left part of the interface, you can browse
through the tabs to access any of the applications at the top of the
ranking. You can browse the top applications of the available
sections: `Paid applications`, `Free applications`, and `Popular
applications` regardless of their price.
At the upper right side of the interface, you can click on any of the
available application categories to recieve a screen with a list of
all the applications for that category.
My Library
As you keep installing applications, free or otherwise, those will be
added to the library associated to your account.
Whenever there is any kind of maintenance to perform among the
applications installed through the Market, you will be presented with
this box. Located at the bottom right part, you just have to click to
unravel a maintenance assitant. In case the installation has an
associated database that also needs to be cleansed, you will be asked
for access details so the operation can be performed for you.
The maintenace process will help you clean up two kind of
installations: `Orphan` and `Unifinished`.
Orphan installations are those that have been eliminated from your
configuration and are no longer used by Cherokee. This can happen when
you erase the virtual server associated to one of the applications
installed through the Market, for instance.
This refers to any installation that has not been completed. This can
happen because you chose to interrupt an installtion already in
progress, or because the installation couldn't proceed because of any
reason (unmet dependencies, power error, or even because of a broken
installer, although every effort is put into preventing this last
Main Application Screen
Every time you select a specific application, you will be brought to
this screen. Through it you will be presented with a description,
screenshots, a table summarizing the operating systems and database
engines supported by the application, reviews written by other buyers
of the application, etc.
In case the application is free or present in your library, you will
be able to install perform an automatic installation.
If not, you will be able to initiate the Check out process. You will
be redirected to the main link:[Cherokee
Market] site to complete the transaction, and afterwards the
application will be included in your library and the installation will