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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:cookbook.html[Cookbook]
Cookbook: Redirecting all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS
Some times you will have a production website that has to be used via
HTTPS. However, many users are not aware that they need to type
'https:' and not 'http:' into their browser. The request will simply
timeout if only port 443 is used, or the users will get '426 Upgrade
Required' if port 80 is also turned on on your Cherokee configuration.
No need to worry. link:modules_handlers_redir.html[Rewrite rules] can
easily handle this situation.
To achive your goal you will simply have to set up a redirection
making use of the `${host}` macro, such as the following one.
First, create a new complex rule of type `NOT Is SSL/TLS`, that is,
make a rule of type `TLS/SSL`, and apply the `NOT` boolean operator to
Then configure the `Redirection` handler to use the specified macro
like this:
|Regular Expression |Substitution
|`/(.*)$` |`https://${host}/$1`
Of course, this macro uses the standard template subsystem , which
provides link:config_virtual_servers_evhost.html#slicing[slicing
support]. This means you could specify a substitution such as
`https://${host}[:-4].com/$1` that would redirect any matching request
to an HTTPS version of that request for the `.com` TLD. As an example,
provided all the domains matched your virtual server, you could send
traffic from ``, ``, and
`` to ``