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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:dev.html[Development info]
Development: Quickstart
So, you have found things in Cherokee worth improving and feel the
urge to contribute to the project. But where to start?
The first thing, of course, is setting up a development/testing
environming for Cherokee.
The relevant documents would be those about
link:basics_requirements.html[software requirements],
link:basics_download.html[downloading the GIT repository], and the
link:basics_installation_unix.html[quickstart installation notes].
In principle, provided you have the required tools in your system, it
should be as easy as:
git clone -b dev --recursive ~/cherokee_dev
cd ~/cherokee_dev
./ --enable-beta --enable-trace
You should probably read all the link:dev.html[development info]
section of the documentation, and go through the
link:[Cherokee Project Bugtracker] to
make sure you are not wasting your effort working on something already
Joining the
link:[development list]
and hanging out at the link:irc://[#cherokee
IRC channel] are also good ideas.
Quick Tips
If you are modifiying the core of Cherokee, don't forget to run the
whole link:dev_qa.html[QA] bench to ensure no regressions are being
introduced by your changes.
Additionally, if you are modifying cherokee-admin, don't forget to run
the modified instance instead of the one in the system, which can be
specified with the -d (--appdir) parameter:
cherokee-admin -d ~/cherokee_dev/admin
And that's about it. You should be able to get your hands dirty from
here. Happy hacking!