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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:modules.html[Modules]
Modules: Balancers
These Cherokee modules allow to balance the load among several
servers. Cherokee is completely modular, and thus a distinction must
be made clear.
Balancer modules only implement the balancing strategy. To actually
use one of these strategies you will need to select a
link:modules_handlers.html[handler] that makes use of balancers in the
link:other_bundle_cherokee-admin.html[cherokee-admin] interface.
These handlers can be chosen within the
`Handler` tab of the link:config_virtual_servers_rule.html[Rule
Options] section.
Every balancing strategy is used to manage one or more
link:config_info_sources.html[information sources], so at least one
has to be added to the pool managed by the balancer. To do this,
simply choose among the available sources in the `Assign Info
This is the list of currently supported balancing strategies:
* link:modules_balancers_round_robin.html[Round Robin]
* link:modules_balancers_ip_hash.html[IP Hash]
* link:modules_balancers_failover.html[Failover]
And these are the handlers that use balancing:
* link:modules_handlers_proxy.html[Reverse HTTP Proxy]
* link:modules_handlers_fcgi.html[FastCGI]
* link:modules_handlers_scgi.html[SCGI]
* link:modules_handlers_uwsgi.html[uWSGI]
* link:modules_handlers_dbslayer.html[MySQL bridge]
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