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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:modules.html[Modules]
Modules: Handlers
Handlers are the Cherokee modules that actually manage the
connections. You can specify what module actually must handle the
connection for any given rule matched in your
link:config_virtual_servers.html[Virtual servers] settings. Several
are provided to perform a varied set of actions, though it is possible
to develop homebrewed handlers easily once you grasp the basics of
Cherokee's internal architecture.
This is the list of standard handlers provided by Cherokee:
* link:modules_handlers_file.html[Static Content]: Send files.
* link:modules_handlers_dirlist.html[Only listing]: List directories.
* link:modules_handlers_common.html[List & Send]: List directories and send files.
* link:modules_handlers_custom_error.html[HTTP error]: Generate custom HTTP errors.
* link:modules_handlers_redir.html[Redirection]: URL forwards and rewrites.
* link:modules_handlers_cgi.html[CGI]: Common Gateway Interface.
* link:modules_handlers_fcgi.html[FastCGI]: Fast Common Gateway Interface.
* link:modules_handlers_scgi.html[SCGI]: Simple Common Gateway Interface.
* link:modules_handlers_uwsgi.html[uWSGI]: uWSGI protocol.
* link:modules_handlers_proxy.html[HTTP reverse proxy]: Surrogate/reverse proxy handler.
* link:modules_handlers_ssi.html[Server Side Includes]: SSI Server Support.
* link:modules_handlers_postreport.html[Upload Reporting]: Show an upload progress bar.
* link:modules_handlers_streaming.html[Audio/Video Streaming]: Media streamer.
* link:modules_handlers_secdownload.html[Hidden Downloads]: Secure, Time expiring downloads.
* link:modules_handlers_server_info.html[Server Info]: Provide info about Cherokee.
* link:modules_handlers_dbslayer.html[MySQL bridge]: MySQL over HTTP bridge.
* link:modules_handlers_admin.html[Remote Administration]: Cherokee administration handler.
* link:modules_handlers_empty_gif.html[1x1 Transparent GIF]: Returns a 1x1 pixel transparent GIF.
* link:modules_handlers_drop.html[Drop Connection]: Immediately drop TCP connection.