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Handler: Remote Administration
This handler is used to create rules that can provide information
about the running server useful for System Administration.
When any such rule is matched, a
link:other_bundle_cherokee-tweak.html[cherokee-tweak] instance will have
full access to this data stream.
Note that providing real-real time information about the status of a
web server in production is a double edged blade. It is both a very
valuable tool for system administration *and* a severe security risk
if no precautions are taken. You are strongly encouraged to both
encrypt the channel and disable public access.
There are no parameters to be configured for this handle.
The information provided covers a wide spectrum: ports (secured and
non-secured), TX/RX status, connections, threads, backup mode and
selectable system traces such as the ones provided by CHEROKEE_TRACE.
Check the link:dev_debug.html[Debugging] section for more details on
this, and the section about
link:other_bundle_cherokee-tweak.html[cherokee-tweak] for specific usage
Also, you should think of this handler as a web-service. In fact,
cherokee-tweak is just a client application using consuming
it. Writing custom client-apps that make use of this handler is almost
trivial, since commands can be issued from the command line using
.Command line examples:
echo 'set server.trace time,thread,all' | curl -v http://localhost/admin/ -u myuser:mypassword --data-binary @-
echo 'set server.trace none' | curl -v http://localhost/admin/ -u myuser:mypassword --data-binary @-
echo 'get server.connections' | curl -v http://localhost/admin/ -u myuser:mypassword --data-binary @-
echo 'close server.connection 100' | curl -v http://localhost/admin/ -u myuser:mypassword --data-binary @-
echo 'get server.sources' | curl -v http://localhost/admin/ -u myuser:mypassword --data-binary @-
echo 'kill server.source 3' | curl -v http://localhost/admin/ -u myuser:mypassword --data-binary @-