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Handler: Drop Connection
This handler immediately drops the TCP connection without replying
anything whatsoever.
This handler can be used as security measure against some types of
attack. For instance, an an error in the PHP and Java floating point
library could be exploited to cause a denial of service against a web
service. Under certain circumstances, attempting to convert the string
'2.2250738585072011e-308' into a floating point value can hang the PHP
runtime. Similarly, the Java runtime (and compiler) suffer from a
related problem.
By filtering incoming traffic and using this handler,
requests that may seek to exploit this fault can be safely discarded.
TIP: Any application code that parses input into a floating point
could be vulnerable. More importantly, the family of 'Accept' HTTP
headers use floating point scores that could be exploited on certain
implementations. To prevent this problem, a solution could be to create a
Header-type rule that matches the '2250738585072011' string and
discards the requests.