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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:modules.html[Modules] -> link:modules_handlers.html[Handlers]
Handler: Static Content
The **file** handler serves files from its document root. No more, no
|Parameters |Type |Description
|`iocache` |Boolean |Optional. Default: `Enabled`.
By default it will use an internal I/O cache to improve the server
If you don't want to use it with a directory just unset it using this
It is a good idea to disable to I/O cache if the content of the
directory changes often.
Lets imagine your virtual server DocumentRoot points to /var/www.
|Handler | `Static Content`
|Document Root | No custom Document Root will fall back to the default one defined for the virtual server.
|Use I/O cache | `Enabled`
.Handler Static Content
image::media/images/admin_handler_file.png[Handler file]
This is a simple example that will make Cherokee able of serving each
CSS file under /var/www or any subdirectory with the IO/cache setting
enabled. This would only not apply if a `final` rule with higher
priority specified otherwise.