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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:modules.html[Modules] -> link:modules_handlers.html[Handlers]
Handler: Server Info
The Server Info handler is used to create rules that can provide
information about the web server. When these rules are matched,
information regarding Cherokee's status will be displayed. The
information will be refreshed every 30 seconds.
But that is not all. Besides the HTML output, the handler makes the
information available for direct consumption by some of the most
popular programming languages.
|Language | Web path
|Python | <HANDLER WEBDR>/info/py
|Ruby | <HANDLER WEBDR>/info/ruby
|PHP | <HANDLER WEBDR>/info/php
|Javascript | <HANDLER WEBDR>/info/js
The `type` parameter specifies influences the verbosity of the output.
|Parameters |Type |Description
|type |String |just_about \| normal \| connection_details
If set to `just_about`, it will display:
* Release number of Cherokee.
* Brief license notice.
If set to `normal`, some extra information will be provided regarding:
* General Information
* Server Core
* Current connections
* Loaded Modules
* Icons
* File Caching
If set to `connection_details` it will also provide more detailed
information about the existing connections:
* ID
* Remote IP
* Phase
* Request
* Handler
* Info sent
* Info received
* Icon