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Validator: Mysql
The MySQL validator allows you to authenticate a user against a MySQL database.
|Parameter |Description
|__host__ |Optional. The server that is running the MySQL
database server. Default: __localhost__.
|__port__ |Optional. The port that MySQL is listening on.
Default: __3306__.
|__unix_socket__ |Optional. A Unix socket.
|__user__ |The MySQL user to authenticate as.
|__passwd__ |The MySQL user password to use.
|__database__ |Required. The MySQL database to select upon
|__query__ |Required. The query to execute to authenticate
the HTTP user.
|__hash__ |Optional. What the passwords in the database table
are hashed with. Valid options are __sha1__
__md5__ or __none__. Default: __none__.
The `query` parameter is given an argument `$\{user}` so you can query
against it.
.Sample query
SELECT password FROM auth_users WHERE username = '${user}'
The query must return one row with one column as the password. The name of the
column does not matter.
This validator is compatible with both **basic** and **digest** schemes.