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Last checked: Cherokee 1.0.5b
Man pages: cget
This is an accessory tool developed for testing purposes of the
capabilities of Cherokee in the early releases. Over the time new
functionalities were included and now it can be a really handy
tool. You might find it useful for your own scripts, especially for
its ability to read and write HTTP headers.
It can handle both HTTP and HTTPS requests.
This is the full information provided by the manpage:
`cget` - Cherokee web downloader
`cget` [options] URL
`cget` is a web downloading tool
No option is mandatory. By default the web is downloaded but it is not
saved. If that is not the desired behavior it must be specified
explicitly. Below is a summary of the cget options.
- *Startup*
-V, --version;;
Display version of currently installed cget and exit.
-h, --help;;
Display help screen with common options.
- *Logging and input file*
-q, --quiet;;
Run in quiet mode: no output is displayed.
- *Download*
-O, --output-document=FILE;;
Writes whatever document is downloaded to FILE
- *HTTP options*
-s, --save-headers;;
This option saves HTTP headers to the file being saved (speci‐
fied with -O option)
this option inserts STRING among the headers sent in the HTTP