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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:other.html[Other information] -> link:other_bundle.html[Man pages]
Last checked: Cherokee 1.0.14b
Man pages: cherokee-admin-launcher
This is a launcher for the administration user interface,
link:other_bundle_cherokee-admin.html[cherokee-admin]. It will check
for port availability, launch `cherokee-admin`, and automatically open
a web browser to access it. Since it is a wrapper, it accepts exactly
the same parameters, but provides several extra features that makes
this the most convenient way of using `cherokee-admin`.
This tools is intended for local use, and is the natural action to
associate with a launch icon to conviniently deploy `cherokee-admin`
from within any desktop environment. Since this is the intended use,
it will automatically provide the one-time login details to the web
browser, removing the need to copy and paste the user and password. Of
course this step is not necessary when invoked with the
`--unsecure` parameter, but this is not recommended except for
development purposes.
Refer to the link:other_bundle_cherokee-admin.html[cherokee-admin
documentation] for more in-depth explanations of all the parameters
and options.
You can send the SIGHUP signal to cherokee-admin-launcher to
make it relaunch a web browser conviniently authenticated
agains cherokee-admin. This is useful in case you closed the
web browser and wished to access cherokee-admin again without
restarting it, since manual access would require you to provide
the one-time login details that you wouldn't have.
.Command on Solaris
# pkill -HUP cherokee-admin-launcher
.Command on most Unix-like systems
# killall -HUP cherokee-admin-launcher