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== link:index.html[Index] -> link:other.html[Other information]
Last checked:
* Cherokee 1.0.0
This document is mostly obsoleted by the built-in reporting system.
It is kept here in case it is still not enough.
Most common production server errors with Cherokee
- *Page 500*
The most common cause of an Internal Server Error within Cherokee is
problem of invalid headers. If your cgi script for some reason does
not send out a headerless (eq. Content-type: text/html) streams, you
will hit this bug. Check scripts, error log etc. to find out what
causes it.
- *Page 503*
When an information source is unavailable, the server will return a
503 for that request. Cherokee will constantly try to find a new
information sources, but it will take (as most) the total amount of
defined sources in request to find back a working information
source. If a 503 stays present, you can safely assume Cherokee is
unable to start an interpreter or connect to the remote host that
has the information source defined.
- *Page 400*
If you are repeatedly receiving a 400 error while uploading files to
a PHP backend, it could very well be related to PHP being the one
restricting uploads bigger than a certain size. Check the [PHP
recipe] for more details on how to fix this.
- *CLI*: Can't bind() socket (port=80, UID=1000, GID=1000)
Most likely Cherokee is unable to start because you are not
root. And you want to bind the webserver to a privileged port (80).
- *CLI*: Can't bind() socket (port=80, UID=0, GID=0)
When you are root and get this message. There is a running Cherokee
instance. The most efficient way to get rid of it:
killall -s KILL cherokee
killall -s KILL cherokee-worker
- If you just want to restart the webserver, this will do:
killall -s HUP cherokee