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from base import *
MAGIC = "This is the content of the HTML index file"
CONF = """
vserver!1!rule!640!match = directory
vserver!1!rule!640!match!directory = /directoryindex1
vserver!1!rule!640!handler = common
class Test (TestBase):
def __init__ (self):
TestBase.__init__ (self, __file__) = "Directory indexer, HTML"
self.request = "GET /directoryindex1/ HTTP/1.0\r\n"
self.conf = CONF
self.expected_error = 200
self.expected_content = MAGIC
def Prepare (self, www):
d = self.Mkdir (www, "directoryindex1")
self.WriteFile (d, "test_index.html", 0444, MAGIC)
def Precondition (self):
return os.path.exists (look_for_php())