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More on the Ciphers and Server Preference field.

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@@ -157,6 +157,24 @@ straightforward actions is order to enable it:
cat public.pem inter_ca_public.pem > chained.pem
+.Advanced options
+In other te make SSL more secure, Cherokee offers the following advanced
+ . The `Ciphers` field can be set up to to allow specific cipher suites,
+ making communication with the client bound to stronger ciphers.
+ A good choice might be:
+ . By default SSL communication prefers the cipher suite preference by
+ the client. You may understand that if a client prefers a weak cipher
+ but supports a strong cipher, the strong cipher would never be used.
+ We have introduced the option `Server Preference` to enforce our
+ preference on the client. Setting a specific order is possible using
+ the `Ciphers` field.
.I get certificate errors when having more than one. Workarounds?

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